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Trading | Electronic Markets

Trading | Electronic Markets

Electronic trading platforms and price dissemination of market dealing floors.
CIMD e-pit & CWS


  • Electronic trading platform for equity, futures and options, with direct access to all European and North American spot markets and the main derivatives markets.
  • 100% in-house developed with different access possibilities
  • Application with customizable modules according to user needs (algorithms, baskets, etc.)
  • Full support from CIMD's IT department
  • MIFID compliant

CIMD e-pit:

  • CIMD Group's digital auction platform
  • The platform is aimed at CIMD SV's institutional clients, which are the main European banks present on the secondary government bond markets.
  • Auctions are held at different times of the day: at mid-session and at the close of the session.
  • The aim is to boost liquidity in the Treasury bond and debt market.
  • CIMD e-pit Fact sheet